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Coral Suppliers

Buying any livestock, including corals, can feel like a bit of a risk. Here are the coral suppliers I have had positive experiences with.

Zoa Marines Ltd

Zoa Marines Logo`
Zoa Marines Logo

Dom & Les at Zoa Marines Ltd sorted out an order of six different corals for me. I originally won some “Radioactive Dragon Eyes” Zoa’s on their online auction group. To make it more cost effective I decided to browse their site and put some more onto my order. This whole process was a simple and transactions between myself and Dom were pleasant and welcoming.

My order included: 3 different Zoas, an Acan, a Blasto & a Torch. (A bonus Zoa was also shipped to me which was a lovely surprise!!!)

The corals all arrived safe and well and within the agreed time slot. They were well packaged and the heat-pack was still warm.

Read my full review of Zoa Marines Ltd Here >>>

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