First Time Fish Keeper

A fish keeping journey


First Time Fish Keeper has been designed to help you make informed decisions on livestock & equipment for your saltwater and tropical fish tanks.

Within the site, you will find various sections with information on fish, critters, and equipment, as well as guest blogs, informative blogs, jargon busters, company reviews, and much more!

On average, three new posts are added to this site every week, so be sure to check back in now and again to see what’s new and relevant to you!

Freshwater Fish

This section of the website has information about different species of tropical, freshwater fish. Each page includes basic care requirements, recommended tank size and suggested tank mates.

Discus Tank
My Discus Tank in it’s early days

Saltwater Fish

The saltwater fish section within the website has been broken up into beginner-friendly fish, intermediate and advanced fish. You can also view individual species.

Each page will give you a brief guide on caring for that species, helping you ensure you are providing the best environment for your new aquatic friends.

Orange Shoulder Tang with Cleaner Wrasse
Orange Shoulder Tang with Cleaner Wrasse

Saltwater Critters

The critters section is the most popular on this site. Within this section of the site, you will find commonly found hitch-hikers and critters within a saltwater aquarium.

Each critter is clearly identified as a friend or foe, and where possible information on how to manage numbers or eradicate them entirely is provided.

Bristle Worm Trap
Bristle Worm Trap


This section of the website includes information on how to care for specific species of corals. Information such as recommended lighting, flow rate, and placements is provided for each individual coral.

Mixed Reef Tank
Mixed Reef Tank

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