First Time Fish Keeper

A fish keeping journey

Jargon Buster

When you first join the fish keeping hobby, you may notice abbreviations/acronyms that can seem confusing. Hopefully this page can help you identify common abbreviations/acronyms within the aquarium world.

ABTAtlantic Blue Tang (Type of fish)
AcanAcanthastrea (Type of coral)
AcroAcropora (Type of coral)
AEFWAcropora-eating Flatworms (A marine pest)
ATCAutomatic Temperature Compensation
ATOAuto Top-Off
AWCAutomatic water change
BABubble Algae
BBABlack Beard Algae
BBBare Bottom
BBTBare Bottom Tank
BCSBanded Coral Shrimp
BlastoBlastomussa (Type of coral)
BPMBubbles Per Minute
BPSBubbles Per Second
BrackishWater that has more salinity than freshwater,
but less than seawater
BTABubble Tip Anemone
CBBCopper Band Butterfly (Type of fish)
CUCClean Up Crew
CycleNitrogen Cycle
DSBDeep Sand Bed
DTDisplay Tank
FOFish Only
FOWLRFish Only With Live Rock
FWFresh Water
FWDFresh Water Dip
GBPGreen Button Polyps (Type of coral)
GFOGranular Ferric Oxide (a phosphate remover)
GHGeneral Hardness
GHA Green Hair Algae
GPDGallons Per Day
GSPGreen Star Polyp (Type of coral)
HAHair Algae
HITHHole in the Head Disease
HLLEHead and Lateral Line Disease
HOBHang On Back
LFSLocal Fish Store
Lobo Lobophyllia (Type of coral)
LPSLarge Polyp Stony Coral
LRLive Rock
LSLive Sand
MTSMultiple Tank Syndrome
NH3 Ammonia
NO2 Nitrite
NO3 Nitrate
PalyPalythoa (Type of coral)
PO4 Phosphate
PodsUsually copepods and amphipods
PPMParts Per Million
QTQuarantine Tank
SofteySoft Corals
SPSSmall Polyp Stony Coral
SSBShallow Sand Bed
TDSTotal Dissolved Solids
UGFUnder Gravel Filter
WCWater Change
WQWater Quality

If you have any suggestions for this page, please feel free to comment below and they will get added to the list.

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