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Natural color filter media

Natural color highly porous filter media
Natural color highly porous filter media

The product being reviewed is the Natural color highly porous filter media available at All Pond Solutions. I paid £5.99 per block.

You can find the product on their website here:

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Packaging & Delivery:

5 Stars

The item arrived on time and well packaged. The packaging is a simple plastic wrap with a logo and a bar code on it. The item arrived undamaged and it was easy to remove from the plastic wrap.


5 stars

For the price you pay, I don’t think you can go wrong with this item. It is a cheaper alternative to something like MarinePure, I don’t mind having to add a few extra blocks in my sump to make up for the available space for the bacteria when it is only £5.99 per block!

Ease of Use:

5 Stars

The blocks themselves seem strong, the manufacturer recommends changing them after 12 months, I will do this in stages so’s not to completely remove my bacteria colony. They are a nice size that allows you to place them easily in your sump, even between baffles.


5 Stars

I am delighted with the Natural Colour Filter Media. I am about 6 weeks into using it and it is showing no signs of degrading at all, unlike other manufacturers who seem to have loads of reports of this happening. It is so much more cost effective than the MarinePure and it does the same job! Thanks to this product I have saved myself a fortune in not having to buy as much live rock for the display tank and not having to buy better-known brands.

I would highly recommend this product.

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