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High Grade Activated Carbon

The product being reviewed is High Grade Activated Carbon by All Pond Solutions. I paid £4.94 for the 500g box.

You can find the product on Amazon, here

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All Pond Solutions High Grade Activated Carbon AC-500
All Pond Solutions High Grade Activated Carbon AC-500
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Packaging & Delivery:

5 Stars

The item arrived on time and well packaged. The packaging is a simple cardboard box that has the instructions printed on it. Inside the box there was nothing other than the carbon in its bag. The item arrived undamaged and there wasn’t much black soot that washed out of the product during rinsing.


5 stars

The box looks fine, it’s nice and simple with clear instructions. The product itself is carbon, so at the end of the day it’s never going to be something you want on display in your tank.

Ease of Use:

5 Stars

The little net bag that the carbon comes it makes placing the carbon in the tank very easy. There is no need for a reactor. The bag allows me to place the product quickly and easily, and move it around easily to different parts of the tank. Rinsing the carbon before it’s first use was quick and easy, although I did end up with black hands from it. I guess that is to be expected though.


5 Stars

I have been running this carbon for a little over two days with the aim of helping reduce some cloudiness in my tank. The cloudiness is 100% new tank syndrome so I wasn’t overly hopeful that this would make a difference as I was combatting a bacteria bloom, but this carbon has definitely helped. My water is not 100% clear yet, but it is at least 80% clearer now, which I was very pleased to see this morning. I have not changed anything in the tank other than adding the carbon, so I am giving the carbon credit for it.

I won’t be running carbon all of the time in my tank as I have read a couple of research papers that suggest it is not good for the fish, but as an intermittent water polishing tool, I would recommend the All Pond Solutions Activated Carbon range. I have only used the smallest bag they had available and it has made a massive difference, I would imagine if I had bought enough to actually suit my tank it would most likely be clear by now.

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