This week’s “post I found from another blogger”, comes from FishSc4les, in the Corytales section of their website.

In this particular blog post, FishSc4les shows a before and after transformation of their 50 gallon freshwater tank.

I’m sharing this post because I love watching tanks grow. There is little more satisfying than seeing an empty (ish) tank turn into a thriving, natural looking tank. I don’t care if it’s goldfish, tropicals or saltwater fish, a good looking tank is a good looking tank!

Tropical tanks, when maintained properly, actually “grow out” fairly quickly with the right selection of plants and decorations. In my humble opinion, there is little excuse to have an empty looking tropical tank after having it set up for 6 months or so. (Excluding the obvious cychlid tanks, and other tanks that harbour plant eaters!)

Tropical Fish Tank Progression
Tropical Fish Tank Progression

With marines, it is a different game all together. I cringe when I see tanks that are less than 3 months old having basic corals in, and even more so when I see Anemones put into tanks less than a year old! Saltwater tanks take MUCH longer to establish a good enough bacteria base to comfortably hold corals and other sensitive inhabitants. Saltwater tanks require you to have a lot more patience than their freshwater equivalents.

Anyways, I digress.

Let’s see your before and after tank shots! Email them in to [email protected] and I will share them as a guest blog on this page!

Go check out the before and after of this lovely little 50g tank here From then to now — Corytails

THEN: This photo is when I first set up my 50g tank. It took 4 hours from empty tank to carefully placed rock and substrate to get it going. The giant floating driftwood being weighed down is not in my Betta’s tank, and still has not sunk. I think you can see one cherry shrimp […]

From then to now — Corytails


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