As you all know, I am an avid reader of wordpress blogs. I have a few set “tags” that I follow and I try to read everything that comes up under those tags. Well, this post… Stunning pictures and videos of marine life in it’s natural environment.

It’s not my normal, “heavy reading” post, it’s just beautiful pictures and videos. Well worth a quick look if you have 5 minutes!

See the full post here : Finding Nemo (and Dory, and Friends) — Traveler Tina

I journeyed to the Maldives with my sister for just one reason: the fish! Some people say that the Maldives has the best reef life in the world (though you can find plenty of debate about this in the diving and snorkeling world). In any case, we were not disappointed — we encountered more marine […]

Finding Nemo (and Dory, and Friends) — Traveler Tina


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