Article credit goes to Fishkeeping News.

Wildlife and nature photographer Jack Perks has devoted his life to capturing some of the UK’s most elusive species, with a penchant for underwater subjects. The “Fish Twitcher”, as he is known on some of his social media accounts has unsurprisingly racked up quite a following after carrying out such a seemingly impossible task. 564…

Nottingham man becomes first to photograph all UK native freshwater fish — Fishkeeping News

What an interesting thing to have accomplished. I can’t imagine the dedication this would require & the frustration it would bring when trying to track down the more elusive species.

I found Mr Perks’ answer to “What problems do you think our natives face and how can we overcome them?” particularly interesting. Plastic is a major issue throughout the worlds rivers and seas, but I had not considered the full effects of invasive species. I will definitely be reading up on the consequences of the invasive species now.

Thank you for the interesting article Fishkeeping News!