For sale or swap for coral frags of a similar value.

£40.00 collected from EX14 area or £55.00 posted to UK.
For international shipping please email [email protected].

Used skimmer in full working order. Some age related marks, but everything works as it should. Slight crack in collection cup, doesn’t affect use.

Current RRP: £99.99

Reason for sale: This skimmer is now too small for my current stocking level.

Collection £40.00 GBP Posted to UK Mainland £55.00 GBP

Technical Specifications

Instant Ocean 800 Protein Skimmer
The Instant Ocean Skimm is a new range of quality protein skimmers from the makers of Instant Ocean and Reef Crystals sea salts. The inclusion of a new ‘pin/needle-wheel’ pumps ensures ultra efficient skimming when compared with similar sized skimmers with conventional venturi system. The pumps are made by the same manufacturers that produce the world renowned Maxijet pumps and Visitherm heater thermostats. These pumps have been custom made to deliver the ideal air and water mixture for maximum skimming.
Suitable for aquariums up to 800 litres