As regular readers will know, I have been fighting with Dino’s in my tank for about 12 weeks now.

Dinoflagellates in Reef Tank

For those of you lucky enough not to know what Dino’s are, or those that are looking to ID them, Dino’s produce a brown snotty like substance which produce air bubbles. See image to the side of this post!

The list I produced for the Top 5 Ways To Beat Dino’s, all certainly helped to contain the outbreak & even reduce it, but none of them seemed to actually kill the Dino’s & truthfully I am a bit fed up of looking at my tank under just blue lights! Not only was I fed up with it, but some of the more sensitive corals within my aquarium were starting to look very sorry for themselves & loosing their colour.

Something drastic had to be done. But What could I do? I thought I had tried everything bar a full tank re-set.

The (Not So) Secret Tip To Success

Put simply the top secret is Hydrogen Peroxide. 3%, food grade hydrogen peroxide to be precise.

500ml of this magical stuff has set be back all of £5.00, and I can hand on heart say that this is the best £5.00 I have spent on my tank.

I have been dosing about 1ml of this stuff to 40 litres of tank water, and so far everything seems to be going swimmingly! The fish and corals are all still alive & the Dino’s are definitely on the retreat. I finally have the upper hand in the great Dino War of 2019!

Video Evidence

You lucky lot get to listen to me waffle on with my West-Country Twang… Enjoy!