The product being reviewed is the Seachem Flourish Excel – planted aquarium fertiliser. I purchased this item from eBay initially, but have since found it to be cheaper on Amazon.

You can find the product on Amazon here

Seachem Flourish Excel Range
Seachem Flourish Excel Range

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Packaging & Delivery:

5 Stars

The bottles arrived well packaged and on time. The bottles themselves are made from reasonably thick plastic which ensures there are no dents or dinks in the bottles.


I think the label is well designed. It is clear and concise and has a plain, modern look about it. The liquid itself is a dark green colour, which means that once you have dribbled the odd bit of it down the side of the bottle, the bottle soon looks pretty manky if you forget to wipe it or are in a hurry. I think the bottle would have been better in a darker colour for this reason, but I’d imagine there are cost implications to that.


5 Stars

The instructions on the bottles are clear and concise. They come with a measuring cup which makes it even easier to carry out dosing in the correct manner.


5 Stars

I have been really pleased with this product. I have a heavily planted tank, I don’t run CO2 and I don’t even have a recommended substrate, I just have black gravel. Even with my less than ideal planted set up, everything in my tank grows like wildfire thanks to this product.

Everything has grown so much that I stopped dosing several month ago, and my plants continue to grow and thrive. Fourish just gave them the kick start they needed to become established in my tank.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a planted tank who doesn’t want the cost or hassle of a CO2 system.

I have seen no ill-effects on either my fish or my shrimp from using this product.

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