You can access Zoa Marines website here

Recently, I joined a Facebook group after stumbling across it while searching for reef related groups. This group was Zoa Marines Weekly Autions

I bid on a couple of corals and won some of the auctions. To make the transaction worth while, I decided to go and take a look at their site to see if I could add a few more corals to spread the delivery cost out a bit. Their site is easy to navigate and has well clear navigation options.

As soon as you land on the site you are hit with an array of colourful coral pictures, and in all honesty I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, not knowing which one to add to my cart first!

There is a good range of coral available on their website, with price-points to meet every users budgets. Delivery cost is £15.00 which seems to be fairly standard for coral shipments, but you can add as many corals as you like for that cost.

I chose six corals, including; 3 Zoas, 1 Acan, 1 Torch and 1 Aussie Blasto. A good selection I think for my first corals.

The box arrived at my door within the specified time, and the items within it it were safe and warm thanks to the excellent packaging and heat pack that was within the box.

All the corals were individually packaged, the Zoa’s were in plastic tubes with helpful labels, and the others were double bagged.

The keen eyed amongst you will have spotted there are 4 plastic tubes, this is because Zoa Marines Ltd were kind enough to supply me with a free Zoa frag, this essentially meant I didn’t pay for the shipping as the value of the free coral was similar to the shipping value. (If you take a look at their Facebook reviews, it seems this is a fairly common practice by them!)

All of the frags have at least the minimum number of polyps that were stated on the adverts, though the majority of the frags actually have quite a few more than stated, which is a mega bonus if you are trying to fill a big tank like I am.


Now, bugs. I checked every inch of these corals and found no unwanted guests. There were hitch-hikers that came out in my coral dip, as you can see from the pictures, it was just some little pods which truthfully I was a bit sad to lose!

The corals seem to be attached to their plugs very well, and the plugs look clean. Some of the larger colonies appear to be attached to a small piece of live rock, which in turn is attached to the plug.

Pictured here are the corals after they had been dipped and acclimated, then placed at the bottom of my tank to get used to the light and flow in my tank.

Within a couple of hours the Torch, Acan and a couple of the Zoa polyps began to open up, this was very exciting!

I would definitely recommend Zoa Marines Ltd as a coral supplier. The stock seems healthy and the amount you get for your money is more than reasonable. The people are very easy to deal with and very responsive to messages. I am very happy with my purchases and I will be buying from them again.

Below are some pictures taken 3 days after putting the corals in my tank.


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