Some of you may have read a previous blog post where I admitted that I bought the wrong rock, I bought ocean rock rather than live rock. You can read my other blog post if you want to find out why I have decided to stick with the ocean rock.

There are loads of articles and videos that describe how to cure live rock, so I am not going to go too in depth as to the process and why you cure it, but I have decided to treat my ocean rock just like live rock and cure it to remove any trace elements that may be left on it.

The process:

Rock curing
Rock Curing in a bin
  • Fill a large bin with rock
  • Put a heater & power-head in with the rock
  • Fill the bin with salt water
  • Put a lid on the bin
  • Leave for 1 week then carry out a 30% water change
  • Repeat for 3-4 weeks until water test results show no ammonia or nitrate.

I will reveal and review the type/brand of salt I have chosen in another post.

I am now in my second week of curing the rock and starting to look forward to aquascaping the rock as well as actually getting some water in the tank, though I fear it will take a long time to create enough water seeing as the bin took nearly a day to fill!

For the second week I have moved the power-head in the bin to a slightly different location just to change the flow pattern and hopefully move the water into a few different places.