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A fish keeping journey


Keeping saltwater fish is seen as the ultimate challenge in the fish keeping world. Many of us start with a humble goldfish, move on to tropicals and then eventually make our way up to marines, but there are some of us will just dive right in to the marine fish. However you get there, the goal is still the same, to keep the ultimate saltwater tank.

Some people will perceive the ultimate tank to be a full mixed reef tank, others will be more than content with a fish only or FOWLR system that holds their favorite fish. Whatever your end goal is, you need to be prepared for the commitment it takes to run a successful saltwater aquarium.

To get a feel for the equipment you will need to start a saltwater tank, you can take a look at my blog post, What do you need to set up a saltwater aquarium.

Within this website you will find information about different saltwater fish, inverts & clean up crew (CUC), corals, equipment and reviews, to help and guide you through your saltwater journey.

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Keeping marine fish is challenging, rewarding, expensive & requires the patience of a saint! Your tank will require constant attention and truthfully there are few times where you will be 100% satisfied with how your tanks looks.

The beautiful mixed reef tanks you see have had thousands of hours and £’s put into them. Although I wouldn’t want to put anyone off of this hobby, careful consideration should be taken before buying anything! It’s not a short term hobby and it will require dedication & a strong financial input.

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