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Be A Guest Blogger

If you would like to appear on our website as a guest blogger, or would like to have your tank in our featured tank section please see details below on how to apply.

There is no cost to this and all details you would like to be shared, such as Twitter handles, Facebook pages, website links or Instagram usernames, will be shared across all of our social media sites & stored within the articles themselves. A link back to our website would be appreciated, but is not mandatory or required.

Guest Bloggers

If you have a topic you would like to write about that is relevant to fresh or saltwater fish keeping please email [email protected] with your chosen topic, along with an outline of the topic you will be discussing.

Featured Tank

If you would like to be in the featured tank section within the website, please download and complete the questionnaire below. A standard word document should begin to download once you press the button.

Please return your questionnaire to [email protected] along with pictures of your tank, sump, equipment & livestock if you wish.

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