As someone who loves a bargain, I can often be found trawling the internet for selling sites.

As a long-term fish keeper, I know the importance the second hand equipment market holds. Finding something slightly used at half the retail price allows you to buy better equipment, and hopefully improve the longevity of your fish keeping career.

Nat, at stockmytank obviously feels the same way and has developed a website purposefully designed for buying and selling of freshwater & saltwater fish, plants, corals and equipment.

Personally, I think there is a gap in the market for this kind of site. Social media has banned the sale of all fish and livestock, eBay often is collection only and the filters aren’t great, and understandably, retailers don’t offer a “used” section, so a fish only selling site seems like a pretty good idea to me! I just hope it expands enough to have a UK section.

At the moment, the site is fairly empty, but I guess they need people to find the site first to start using it!

So, if you are in the USA and have some stuff laid about, or maybe some frags or something that you really ought to sell… pop it on

I hope this site becomes successful, I love a good start-up business!

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For Generations of Aquarium Hobbyists — StockMyTank

All opinions are my own, I have not received any kind of benefit for posting this article, I just found the site and liked it.