I, unfortunately, have my first Aiptasia anemone in my tank, in fact, I have two of the little blighters! So prepare yourselves for a string of Aiptasia related blog-posts!

So begins my research. A helpful blogger, SaltWaterPlus, has already suggested a few ways to eliminate this pest in the below blog… I will give them a go & let you know how I get on.

Wish me luck!

There are many things in the marine aquarium hobby that have the ability to frustrate the hobbyist, (regardless of their experience), and one of the leaders on that list would be Aptasia and Majano Anemones. These pests can be relocated (acquired) via purchased live rock or even on corals. They should be dealt with immediately, being they have the ability to […]

Tips and Tricks-Aptasia and Majano Anemone — SaltWaterPlus


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