If you are new to the hobby, finding a mentor to help guide you through is not essential as there is so much information available on the internet, BUT, having a mentor who has been there and seen it all can only help.

I have put several posts up on local Facebook groups asking for those who have saltwater tanks local to me, to come forward, but the reality of it is, there just aren’t that many of us in my area! I have found county wide groups that cover miles and miles of area, but there is no one in our neighbouring towns coming forward.

I really wish I had a good saltwater friend to speak to, to ask questions, get advice, but as it is, I have to do everything online, and lets face it, there is so much out there that it becomes confusing as to what to believe, particularly when you start looking into opinions on “reef safe with caution” live stock.

For one person, a Goldspotted Rabbitfish is a model citizen, for the next, an absolute terror. If I had someone I trusted, who had enough knowledge to tell me what to look out for with purchases, I am sure I would only have made half of the mistakes I have so far.

Don’t get me wrong, I do my research, thoroughly, before ANY purchase, but to have someone with real life experience would be a god send.

So, this is me offering anyone who is just starting up, a direct line to my inbox. firsttimemarinekeeper@gmail.com, I will even let those who get in touch know my real name!

I won’t have all the answers, but I have been through a fair share of early stage battles, I have countless hours of research under my belt and I am the least judgemental person you would ever wish to meet.

I got the inspiration for this post from Mountain Corals. Feel free to check out the original post below.

Owning a saltwater aquarium is not for everyone. Saltwater tanks are the minority of aquariums. Out of the saltwater tanks, reef tanks are by far the most challenging type to attempt to keep. Something that can help drastically is having a mentor in the hobby. We’ll discuss a little about why a mentor is a […]

Saltwater mentors are important to the hobby — Mountain Corals
Gold Spotted Rabbitfish
Gold Spotted Rabbitfish


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