This week I would like to share a post with you that I came across about Fresh Water Shrimp.

I absolutely loved my tropical cherry shrimp, and they bred like crazy once they were in and established, but I can totally see why some people are not sold on them as pets.

The blog post below, written by Mrs Wolfie, sums up perfectly my feeling towards shrimp. Totally not sold to start with, but once you have them…. You can’t help but love them!

Mrs Wolfies Post starts:

If you’ve read my post this morning, you’ll recall that I talked about my love for shrimp as pets. Perhaps you’re feeling like I did about the whole idea; you can’t pet them, you can’t hold them, why even have them? Well, to that my question is simple: You can’t hold and pet fish, so why do people keep them? Simple! Because they’re so mesmerising to watch!

I Mean.. Really?!

Yes, really.

When I set up my aquarium, I was aware that my set up was going to be small. I’d love a larger tank, but we just don’t have the room. Instead, we have a 29 litre nano tank, and a smaller, 7 litre nano tank to raise and sell the fry. When we started out though, we only had the small 7 litre tank, which I admit, is tiny.

“You could probably have a few shrimp in there”, I turned my nose up at the idea. Shrimp?! I didn’t want shrimp, I wanted fish!

Larger tank purchased and half a dozen Endlers Livebearers introduced, I was aware of leftover food waste building up on the bottom. I asked the wonderful people over on the FIshlore forum for their advice and once again, a lot of people recommended shrimp. Shrimp. I was not sold.

You can read the full article here Shrimp As Pets, Really? —