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The topic of sumps can cause arguments and flare ups in chat groups between people who do sump & people who don’t. But if you are considering either getting a sump for an existing tank, or buying a tank with a sump, this article is definately worth a read!

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Often we see people talk about sumps when it comes to saltwater aquariums. What is a sump? In short – it’s an additional tank, typically underneath, your display tank. We’ll discuss how to run a sump, why you should, how to make your own, and the benefits it can provide!

What is a sump?

A sump, as we discussed above, is just another tank or container that you add on to your existing tank. Simply put – it’s a place to house your equipment so that your display tank looks nicer and less crowded. It can also open the amount of equipment you use as well as the different types available for in-sump applications. It’s a great tool for especially saltwater tanks of all types.

Why have a sump?

There are many benefits to running a sump. Increased water volume is the first, most notable, feature here. By increasing your system volume you can help keep water chemistry more stable and dilute byproducts such as nitrates easier. Another benefit is that you could put all your extra equipment down there to hide it from view. Having equipment like a heater and protein skimmer hang out in your tank can be a real eye sore and distract form the natural beauty that is inside the tank. Third, it can provide extra flow into your aquarium with the use of a return pump. This pumps water back into the tank from your sump below. Fourth, it keeps the surface of the tank clean and clear with the use of an overflow box. This skims the surface of the water and as water tumbles down together it mixes and allows itself to be filtered out through something like a protein skimmer or filter sock. Finally, the last major benefit is the option of extra add-ons to your tank that just aren’t possible without a sump. Filter socks are one example and refugiums are another. You can also get much better quality of protein skimmer that are designed for in-sump use only.


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