You can access Taunton Aquarium Centre’s website here but don’t let their lack of a website put you off!

This is a supplier that I highly recommend.

Why I chose Taunton Aquarium Centre

Scooter Blenny
Scooter Blenny

Taunton Aquarium Centre is only about half an hour from me, even though I have been in there a couple of times, it has always been very busy & there are no prices marked anywhere, which did put me off of buying anything for fear that the prices would be sky high.

I had half a day to kill & needed to get some pods for the tank, so decided to have another look around in there.

Taunton Aquarium Store

Downstairs, there is the single most impressive selection of corals I have ever seen. They have every kind of Euphillia & Goniopora you could imagine, all of them are an incredible size. They also have a wide variety of corals like Candy Canes, Montipora, Acropora, Duncans, Leathers, some of the brightest Mushrooms I have ever seen and all of them available in a range of frag sizes, to suit everybody’s tank & price points.

Royal Gramma
Royal Gramma

The fish are not the sort of fish you would normally find in a local pet store, they are exotic & different. They have everything there from your basic Royal Gramma’s to Moorish Idols. The fish range in sizes from fish that are suitable for a nano tank, to fish that are fully mature and require something very large.

All of the tanks in the store were clearly well cared for. They were all clean & tidy, the fish were all well fed & there was not a single sorry looking fish in the place. Very refreshing indeed!

Upstairs, there is a very good selection of saltwater equipment. Everything from your basic algae cleaning equipment, to test kits & skimmers, I was very much a kid in a sweet shop!

The Staff

The owner, Mark, what an incredibly nice guy he is, and so knowledgeable! I get the feeling that he is one of those guys that if he doesn’t know it, it probably isn’t worth knowing. He was more than happy to stand and chat, and give tips and advice on issues within your tank, even before he knows if you have any intention of buying anything.

He asks about your tank & shows what I believe to be genuine interest in your saltwater journey, and lets face it, we all love chatting about our tanks!

He makes sure everything you buy is suitable for your tank, including refusing to sell any Scooter Blenny’s or Mandarin’s that won’t take frozen foods. (I can tell you this is true, because I left with a Scooter Blenny!)

The Pricing

As I mentioned at the start, because there were no prices advertised I was worried they were all going to be sky high… I was wrong! Most of the frag plug sized frags in there were £19.50, and although they did have some very expensive corals in there, they were all corals you would expect to be expensive.

The fish & corals were all fairly priced in my opinion. You wouldn’t walk out of there feeling like you have been robbed, that’s for sure!

Overall Review

This shop will now be my go-to fish shop. For years and years I have used my local Maidenhead, and although I have never had any issues with Maidenhead, the service and variety of stock available at Taunton Aquarium Centre is unrivalled.

Forest Fire Montipora
Forest Fire Montipora

If you are a saltwater fish keeper in the South West of England, you have to make the trip to this store, even if you’re not buying, just to go and see the incredible selection of fish and corals that are available in this store.

I honestly can’t speak highly enough of Mark or his store, I am officially a loyal Taunton Aquarium Centre customer from this day on!


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