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This is a supplier that I recommend.

Why I chose Cellar Marine

My partner was doing some work in Barnstaple over a weekend, I decided to tag along just to visit all the fish shops in the area & get a bit of shopping done in town. Barnstaple is a good hour and a half away from us, so it’s not often I get to explore the limited number of fish shops they have available.

As soon as you google saltwater fish shops in Barnstaple, two shops come up, Maidenhead aquatics & The Aquatics Hut. I visited both while I was in town.

The Aquatics Hut Store

Image from their Facebook Page
Image from their Facebook Page

This is a very unexpected place. When you turn up, you will probably think your sat nav has gone crazy as you are in the middle of a housing estate, without another shop in site, but rest assured, you are in the right place.

You walk through what can only be described as a hut, that has a very good selection of different foods, potions & equipment for your tank. For such a small area, they have packed it full of stock & I am confident if you were looking for something specific, they would probably have it.

Image from their Facebook Page
Image from their Facebook Page

You will then get taken to a small room, where they have a good sized frag tank & a few “typical store tanks” against one of the walls.

The tanks looked clean and well cared for, there wasn’t a sorry looking fish or coral in the place.

The Staff

The young man who was in the store at the time was very polite, and extremely patient with me! I didn’t mean to spend as much time as I did there, but he was very forthcoming with answering questions & made me feel very welcome.

He seemed very knowledgeable, he was certainly more in the know than I could ever hope to be!

The Pricing

This bit is a bit of a mixed review to be honest. The corals were a little on the pricey side, BUT they were good quality & seemed to be healthy, and at the end of the day, they have to make a living.

The fish & clean up crew packs were really good value, I would definitely use them again for both of these.

Overall Review

Striped Cardinal
Striped Cardinal

I think The Aquatics Hut is a little bit of a hidden gem. Though some of the corals were quite steeply priced, the rest of it was really good value & I think the service you receive from them and the interaction you get actually adds to the shopping experience.

I will definitely be returning there when I go back to Barnstaple.

Just as an FYI, the stock I bought from them included; their £15.00 clean up crew pack, 2 Yellow-Striped Cardinals, 2 Blue-Green Chromis & a Blasto Frag. All are still alive and well in the tank several months after my visit!


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