Most of us will get into this hobby because of the colours available for both saltwater fish & corals, they are unrivalled by any other aquarium fish! Take a look at my Top 5 most colourful fish for your marine aquarium.

To make this list these fish must be:

  • Colourful
  • Suitable for a saltwater aquarium that is under 200 Gallons

Please note, some of these fish will not be suitable for a reef aquarium & they may not be suitable for beginner aquarists. Please do your own research before any purchase.

5. The Royal Gramma

Royal Gramma
Royal Gramma

Look at those colours! Vibrant purple & yellow with a mean looking face make this one of the prettiest fish to have any aquarium (in my humble opinion).

They are model citizens, reef safe and once confident in the aquarium they will be out and about, cruising the rock work for any tasty treats.

They bother no-one in your tank but are happy to socialise with their tank mates provided they are not overly boisterous. They suit both big and small aquariums & are just an all-round great fish to own!

4. The Clown Triggerfish

Clown Triggerfish
Clown Triggerfish

With about 40 different species of Triggerfish, there is bound to be a Trigger that catches your eye! For this article we are looking at the Clown Triggerfish.

They have a majestic swimming pattern, beautiful colours and have an unusual body shape.

They can adapt well to aquarium life provided that they are given enough space to swim around and hide in. These large fish certainly aren’t suited to smaller tanks and they are also a territorial fish that will protect their area fiercely.

3. The Flame Angel

Flame Angel
Flame Angel

The Flame Angel is a species of Dwarf Angel that has proven to be popular amongst hobbyists thanks to its bright colours and being billed as reef safe with caution.

Many Flame Angels will spend their lives happily in an aquarium without causing problems for those of us with expensive corals, but some have been known to nip, once a nipper, always a nipper!

2. The Fairy Wrasse

Lineatus Fairy Wrasse
Lineatus Fairy Wrasse

The Fairy Wrasse comes in a world of different colours depending on the exact genus of the fish.

There are amazing pinks, blues, purples, reds, yellows, a whole host of colour in just one fish.

Most Fairy Wrasse are considered reef safe and generally peaceful to their tank mates, though only one male Wrasse per tank is advised… they don’t tend to play well together!

1. The Mandarin Dragonet

Mandarin Dragonet
Mandarin Dragonet

These fish will catch the eye of anyone, be them a fish fan or not, you can’t help bet notice the amazing patterns and colouration on the Mandarin Dragonet.

These fish may be beautiful, but they are not for the feint hearted, they are fussy little fish who don’t have the best history with aquariums. They need a good source of live copepods as many of them will not adapt to eating flakes, pellets or even frozen foods and will sadly, starve to death.

But, if you have an established tank and are prepared to keep your pod population up, these fish have got to be up there as the prettiest and most colourful fish you can have in your aquarium.