The Rummy Nose Tetra is a predominantly silver fish with a bright red nose and a black and white striped tail. They originate from South America.

Tank Requirements

School of Rummy Nose Tetra
School of Rummy Nose Tetra
  • Community with non-aggressive tank mates.
  • Temperatures between 24°C and 37°C
  • Water between pH 6.4 and pH 7.0
  • A school of at least 10 fish is desirable
  • Lots of live plants & driftwood are preferred 
  • Minimum of 25 gallons (80 litres) per school
  • They do better in an established with stable parameters

Temperament wise, these fish are about as docile as you can get but due to their small size, they are best kept with smaller, non-aggressive fish.

They prefer a mature tank with stable water parameters, but once the tank is established they are very easy to care for and add a great pop of colour to your tank.

They are busy little fish and will spend the majority of their time cruising up and down your tank. If the become stressed they will hide and the colour in their nose will fade.


Rummy Nose Tetra
Rummy Nose Tetra
  • These are omnivores
  • They will eat pretty much anything that is put in the tank.
  • They are fairly fast eaters and will gorge themselves if given the opportunity.
  • Flake food is preferred.

Male & Female Neon Tetra

Size: Maximum length 4.5cm

Colour: Silver base with a bright red nose and a black and white striped tail.

Sexing: Males tend to be slimmer, the females tend to have a more rounded belly. They are very difficult to sex.

 Personal Review

The Rummy Nose Tetra would be, without any doubt, my favourite dither fish.

In a large enough group, they add an incredible amount of colour to your tank, and they seem to spend their time cruising up and down meaning there is always movement in the tank.

They are easy to care for, but do require your tank to be stable before adding them. They are non-aggressive and just plain interesting! They cause me absolutely no grief, they are not sickly like Neon Tetra’s and they will eat anything put into the tank for them.

If I could only have one school of dither fish, it would be the Rummy Nose every time. If you have found this page because you are thinking about getting some for your community tank, just go ahead and do it… You won’t regret it.