The product being reviewed is ATC portable refractometer. I bought it new from eBay and I paid £9.98 for it.

You can find the product on Amazon here

ATC Portable Refractometer
ATC Portable Refractometer

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Packaging & Delivery:

5 Stars

The item arrived on time and well packaged. The plastic carry case that it comes in is sturdy and robust, while the foam inside of the case keeps the refractometer nicely padded and in one place. It would definitely protect the refractometer from any knocks or drops.


5 stars

Because I paid so little for this, I expected it to feel and look cheap. To my surprise, it doesn’t. It feels like good quality materials have been used and even the calibration area is covered by a removable plastic lid. To be honest, I can’t see how they have made them for such little money and still be making a profit selling them that cheaply.

Ease of Use:

5 Stars

The unit came with clear instruction on how to calibrate it & use it. It comes with all the equipment you will need including the refractometer, a pipette, a little screwdriver for calibration and a soft cloth to clean it with. I have tried it at varying salinities and it does seem to go up and down as expected. The eyepiece is adjustable, meaning it can focus to suit your eyes quickly and easily.


5 Stars

I am really happy with this product. It was cheap, quick and easy to use. I am expecting to have to buy a better one in the future, but as a starter one I think its a good buy.

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