The product being reviewed is the Aquamanta EFX 300 external filter. I paid £109.00 for the system and I bought it from Maindenhead Aquatics in Taunton.

You can find the product on Amazon here

Star Ratings:

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Packaging & Delivery:

5 Stars

The unit arrived very well packaged. There was little room for movement in the box meaning even the heavy-handed delivery people would have had trouble breaking the items. All of the smaller components were bagged so they didn’t drop out and roll away once the boxes had been opened.


5 Stars

The unit looks fine. It is not something I would ever have on display in my home, but I like the all black, sleek look. It is a tidy, compact unit that easily fits in my cabinet.


5 Stars

This unit was quick and easy to install. There was more than enough hose to reach up and around my tank and all of the parts fit together very nicely. The fact that everything just clips makes for very little messing around with it.

Ease of use:

5 Stars

When I plugged the filter in, using the quick start pump built into the unit made it very simple to remove any air in the filter without having to turn it on and try to start a siphon. The components are all easy to access which makes cleaning it very easy, even the propeller is easy to access to clean.


4 Stars

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. It does its job and the media inside seems to be working well. The unit seems well built, and so far no leaks for cracks. I particularly like the quick remove function for the hoses, it is very simple and means you don’t lose water in your hoses and have to start the siphon all over again. The only thing I would criticize is the noise level. It is not the quietest of units, that’s not to say it is making a racket, but there is a constant drone noise in my living room now, I expect if I were to put some foam under it, the noise level would reduce significantly. The flow coming out of the filter also doesn’t seem overly strong. Even though the filter is rated for my water capacity, I do think I should have bought a size up, just for the flow.

I would recommend the AquaManta EFX 300 to anyone with a tropical tank that doesn’t require high flow from the output. If you do need the higher flow, buy the next size up.

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