Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealant
Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealant

The product being reviewed is the Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealant as pictured. I bought it from Maidenhead Aquatics in Taunton and paid £13.00 for it.

Star Ratings:

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Packaging & Delivery:

5 Stars

The bottle seems to have held well, it seems robust. As I bought it from my LFS there was no delivery or box packaging to speak of. As for the label, it is clear and precise, even if the design is a little bit too in your face and juvenile looking.


4 Stars

The sealant itself looks like any other clear sealant. When put in blobs it is a bit cloudy, but overall it looks fine.


5 Stars

Applying the sealant was very easy, the bottle I bought had the applicator built into it which meant I didn’t have to go and buy a sealant gun and also made it very easy to use with one hand. The size of the bottle was also useful in some ways as it meant it was easier to get into some of the tighter spots.


3 stars
3 stars

The ratings so far have been pretty good, but would I buy it again… No! The reason being, it doesn’t work brilliantly. It seems to be holding the seam between my plumbing and the glass, but when I tried to use it to stick some of my rock work together, it just didn’t hold at all. The rock sat still and dry for two days and when I went to test it, it all just came apart. Maybe I needed to use more sealant, but either way, I would buy a proper builders sealant next time, not one targetted to aquariums.

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