The product being reviewed is the 5 stage domestic reverse osmosis system by Finerfilters. I paid £87.99 for the system and I bought it from eBay.

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Reverse Osmosis Finerfilters

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Packaging & Delivery:

5 Stars

The unit arrived very well packaged. There was little room for movement in the box meaning even the heavy-handed delivery people would have had trouble breaking the items. All of the smaller components were bagged so they didn’t drop out and roll away once the boxes had been opened. Delivery was within the stated time and overall I was very happy with how the unit arrived.


4 Stars

The unit looks fine. There were no marks or blemishes, but if I were to buy another, I would probably opt for one that had clear/see-through filter containers so that I can see what sort of a state the filters are in without having to take it all to bits.


1 Star

This unit is not the most user-friendly to install for someone who is not a plumber! The instructions that come with it are worse than poor, there is a silly little diagram that doesn’t make any sense and none of the pipes or water inlets/outlets are colour coded (as other manufacturers do). In the end, I had to watch about 5 different videos from other manufacturers to try and piece together where things go. I did email their customer support who took 3 days to get back to me, by which point I had figured it out myself. There are no alternative instructions available on their website, no videos and no pictures… you are on your own with the silly little diagram provided.

Ease of use:

5 Stars

Once we had managed to install the system, it has been very simple to use. It has not leaked and it just looks after itself. I will have to change the filters twice a year, but the maintenance is minimal and it does do what it says it will and having tested our I can say confidently that our total dissolved solids (TDS) reading is now at 6ppm (down from 120ppm).


4 Stars

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I think it is good value for money and other than the faff of installing it and the poor customer service when I needed help, it’s not a bad unit. It seems well built and the replacement filters are easy enough to obtain via their website or eBay.

I would recommend the Finerfilters RO/DI unit for either domestic, aquatic or both uses.

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