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Aquarium Note App Icon

The product being reviewed is the free App called Aquarium Note. This App has been designed to help you keep track of your aquariums parameters, livestock & spending but there are other useful features within it. I have been using the App on an Android device.

You can find the product on their website here:

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5 Stars

This is not a brightly coloured, in your face App. It is there to fill a purpose. The icons within the App are clear and easy to understand, the font is easy to read and nothing fancy.

Ease of Use:

5 Stars

There are loads of functions within this App. All of them are simple, clear and seem to be accurate. The icons and menus are clear within it. I particularly like the graphs that are produced with the data you input from your tanks parameters, it shows clearly when you have fluctuations or spikes over time.


5 Stars

I can’t fault this App. It has never crashed on me. It is easy to use and for a free App, I don’t think you could ask for any more features. It allows me to keep track of my tank parameters, spend and eventually livestock. It saves me from making my own spreadsheet to hold the data or writing everything down and making my own comparisons, this App puts it all in front of you at the touch of a button.


  • Keeping track of water parameters, you can even add custom parameters if the ones you want to measure are not listed.
  • Keeping track of spending, both livestock and equipment.
  • Keeping track of livestock, which you’ve kept, lost or sold and when.
  • Setting reminders for tasks you need to carry out.
  • Creating a wishlist.
  • Calculating volumes.
  • Taking a picture of your water sample next to your colour chart then the App will tell you which colour you are closest too.
  • CO2 readings calculator.
  • Dosage calculator.
  • Visual charts produced of your tanks parameters.
  • Image gallery that allows you to keep track of your tank at various stages.
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